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The Little Jab Book of Injections [English and Spanish version]

Below, we present "The Little Book of Injections". A valuable resource developed to encourage citizen participation in vaccination programs in our region, with the purpose of mitigating the consequences of the pandemic and strengthening the necessary behaviors to promote health.

In collaboration with the Mexican Institute of Behavioral Economics (IMEC), we translated 'The Little Jab Book', an innovative initiative by Save the Children, Common Thread and Busara Center for Behavioral Economics that provides 18 behavioral science strategies developed to encourage the acceptance of vaccination against COVID-19.

The document details the process of identifying barriers and how to apply these principles effectively according to context. It also offers solutions based on lessons learned from previous interventions around the world. We invite you to explore how this discipline was able to build a comprehensive toolkit of efficient strategies to address a global challenge.

Download the report in the Spanish and English version by clicking on the following box:

El Pequeño Libro de las Inyecciones [Traducción al español]
Download PDF • 4.03MB

The Little Jab Book [English version]
Download PDF • 6.57MB


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