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Innovation for financial inclusion

Creating better solutions from behavioral science for

banking, insurance and pensions


Financial decisions are fundamentallypsychological decisions

Heurística Lab helps companies from all sectors, multilateral organizations and public policy makers to understand the reasons that explain people's decisions regarding:


  • consumption habits and patterns

  • non-obvious psychological factors that determine behaviors and decisions

  • underlying drivers that motivate future choices and actions

Heuristics Lab Recommendations



In partnership with our clients, we develop more effective solutions, thanks to a deep understanding of the psychological processes, 'mental shortcuts' and unconscious biases that influence their users' financial decisions.

Heuristica Lab Research

Understand the whys

We got what you need.

At Heurística Lab we offer different types of services because we know that the world of the financial sector presents a wide variety of challenges: from helping you understand the decision-making process when opening a savings account, to designing communication products that promote the choice of a new health insurance, or even offering insights on how behavioral sciences apply to pension funds.

Our projects can be managed in a 360º way, offering integral end-to-end solutions that cover all stages of the process, or they can be modular, focusing on specific aspects according to your objectives.

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Behavioral Research

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Behavioral Design


Experimental Validation

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