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Behavioral Research
User research from the behavioral science approach.

Ussually, the work of consumer insights departments is focused on answering three main questions:

  • How people perceive the products and services.

  • What factors prevent carrying out the desired behaviors.

  • How can we solve these difficulties.


In the market, there are several research companies that offer to solve these challenges. They are able to find relevant findings, but intermittently. Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes they are not; therefore its value is highly volatile and uncertain.


At Heurística Lab, we use a methodology that offers superior results.


Our Behavioral Research service is built on the scientific and practical principles of Behavioral Science. This approach guides the entire research process (from the design of the project, through the definition of the questions, to the analysis and reporting of results) allowing solving complex commercial and social mysteries in a consistent way.

behavioral research

Korina Papuico 
Consumer Insight Manager (BCP Bank - Perú)

"Together with Heurística Lab, we are developing a new approach to common problems, where the differential value is remarkable and they demonstrate their experience in planning, processes, tools and analysis, which allows them to provide the added value we need".

Get to know your users more deeply
through Behavioral Research
Heurística Lab research projects will allow you to reveal factors of your users decision-making process and behavior from a perspective that you did not know yet.
mental models
Mental models used in their decision-making process.
Heuristics and biases, behavioral facilitators and barriers.
open mind
Cognitive factors such as attention, sensory perception, memory, and emotions.


Analysis of behaviors based on the calculation of utility, estimation of probabilities and perception of risk.

What research techniques does Heurística Lab offer?

1. In-depth interviews.

2. Focus groups.

3. Field observation.

4. Data analysis (descriptive and inferential statistics).

 5. Bibliographic analysis.

6. Market / opinion and experimental surveys.

7. Development of user journey map, archetypes and empathy maps.

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