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Our book: The Science of Persuasion. A practical guide

We present several scientifically backed tactics to improve your communication and persuasion skills in the professional and personal spheres.

At Heurística Lab we know that persuasion is a key skill for any person's life, as it can help to communicate more effectively, influence others, sell products or services, relate better with customers, among many other goals.

Therefore, based on our experience applying behavioral science to various challenges requiring the use of persuasion, we have designed this practical guide with a special selection of scientifically supported tactics to positively influence decisions. Each tactic includes a didactic description, examples of its application and reflection questions developed based on our work experience.

These persuasion tactics are organized into three chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Selective perception

  • Chapter 2: Social interaction and influence

  • Chapter 3: Uncertainty reduction

In the first chapter, we will explore simple and efficient decision rules that can increase the likelihood of persuading our audiences. In the second, we will examine how what others do in our context influences our decisions and behaviors. Finally, in the third chapter, we will focus on how to manage the information we deliver to increase the perception of security in our audience. The guide also contains ethical considerations that highlight the importance of using the knowledge in this guide to ensure people's well-being and freedom of choice.

We hope you find in "The Science of Persuasion. A practical guide" the best ally to enhance your persuasion skills through the application of behavioral sciences. Moreover, we make it available to you completely free of charge, so don't wait any longer!

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