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Strategies and tactics for making better decisions

This information is part of one of the editions of Heuristics Lab's newsletter "Atajos Mentales". This is a new channel where we share behavioral science highlights with our community. Each edition includes an idea and a recommendation of a book that should be in your collection. In this edition, we explored several ways in which we can make better decisions using a series of tools and a lot of scientific knowledge. Do you have a tactic that helps you decide in complex situations? Drop us an email and we will publish it anonymously in our next edition of the newsletter.

Practical advice

Choosing the optimal path is a challenge. Happily Annie Duke - a former professional poker player and author of excellent books - offers these three tips:

  1. Life can be seen as a series of gambles, so we should making decisions based on probabilities, especially in uncertain situations.

  2. We can improve our decision making skills and avoid cognitive biases by using methods and practical tools.

  3. Sometimes, giving up on a failed strategy is necessary for success. It is not a weakness to change course as it is often the decision that will give us the greatest benefits.

An idea

"In order to make better decisions, it is essential that we adopt an objective perspective and evaluate the situation with external information, rather than unquestioningly using our experience and subjectivity. By taking an objective “outside view”, we can reduce the likelihood of falling into rationality biases, which often go unnoticed and can lead us to make wrong decisions".

decision making optimization, behavioral sciences
Pedro Del Carpio: Founder and Director of Heurística Lab

A book

Why should I read it? Nassim Taleb explains very clearly how we fall into the error of attributing causality to events that are random, discarding the fundamental role of chance and probabilities in our lives.


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